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Kentucky is the least diverse state among the twelve (12)
Southern states. Only one in twelve (12) residents is
African-American statewide with 85% of the population
white and only a little more than 8% black along with a
little over 3% Hispanic. Men make up 49.2% of the state
population, but occupy 91.7% of the seats on coop boards. Women
make up 50.8% of the state and only 8.3% of the coop seats. Of
the twenty-four (24) cooperatives, information was available from
eighteen (18) of them or 75%. The giant G&T cooperative made up of a sixteen (16) different Kentucky cooperatives, the East Kentucky Power Cooperative reflects both the scale of the statewide energy enterprise as well as its lack of diversity. The cooperative
controls $3.5 billion in assets serving 1.1 million members. Pictures of the management staff and the executive staff indicate they are all white. There is one Indian-American (not Native American) pictured on their website as part of their financial leadership, otherwise the entire enterprise is white. There are twenty-two (22) members of the board and all of them are white. The Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives has much the same profile with fifty-three (53)
members representing the twenty-four (24) coops in the state and with fifty-three (53) board members, forty-seven (47) of
whom are men, and all pictures of board members being white and with only one (1) board member from the Pennyrile
cooperative being African-American, Joe E. Rogers from Cadiz.

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